The Happiness Planner

If you  are a long time reader of my blog or you know me in person, then you will know how much I truly love planning and organising and the passion that I have with it. Hopefully some of you guys are the same! For the past 2 years I have been using the My Personal Planner, which I loved because you can customise how you want everything to look and what suits you. Even though I love that planner, I thought it was time for a change and when Zoella mentioned the Happiness Planner I thought why not that one. So I took the plunge and decided to finally buy it ready for 2017.

The overall aspect of this planner is that it aimed at making you focus on the postives throughout each day, month and the entire year. The reason I loved this is because I suffer with anxiety and depression, so I tend to dwell on the negatives and never the positives. What I love about this brand is that they have so many options. They have a 52 week, Jan-Dec, July-June, The 100 day and the leather planner. Although they are a set layout, they have so many options that there is something perfect for everyone. 

I decided to get the Jan-Dec 2017 daily planner in pink , because I like to make to-do lists and know what I am doing at all times. This arrived within 2-3 days and was well protected. Inside there are several sheets to write down your aims, goals, things you did last year, what you want to do this year and more. There is also a double sided quote card, a gold pen, paperclips and some binding clips.

The first few pages focus on your strengths, weaknesses, how to work on the negatives, making sure you keep up with the activities that make you happy and many more. We then move on to the monthly view. This is quite small, but is great to write down the main focus for the day along with appointments. At the beginning of each month there is a planning page, where you log down what you want to do and work on in that specific month.

Each day throughout the planner is presented and laid out the same. There is a quote at the top of the page followed by what you are excited for, the main focus, exercises and meals. There are 4 main sections which is used to write down to-do lists, schedules, notes and good things that happened throughout the day. At the bottom of the are 2 boxes which ask what you are grateful for and what you hope for tomorrow. I really like the headers that they have chose as those are the main things that you should focus on throughout the day in order to be a happier and more positive person.

At the end of each month is a reflection page where you score how you were feeling throughout that month and what happened. There is also a score page where you total up how you were feeling each month. This is the same at the end of the year, which focuses on the good rather than the bad. 

The overall aspect and meaning of the planner is great for people whom are more negative and want to improve their positivity and happiness. However I would remove some of the main sheets from the front of the planner and the score system as they are quite repetitive.


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