It's Christmas Time

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It's Christmas time! Did anyone else sing that or just me? We all know that the true meaning and 
celebration of Christmas is the life of Jesus, but it is also about family and spending time together with 
your loved ones. My favourite thing about this time of year is knowing that Christmas day you see 
your family and you can actually feel the love and warmth in the air.

Obviously I also love shopping for presents for people and wrapping them up. As I'm writing this I've actually just finished wrapping all of my presents and they are all underneath the Christmas tree. I love the ugly jumpers everyone wears and the dark cosy nights in with a hot chocolate. Holding onto the hope that this might be the year that we get a decent amount of snow, even though we know it never is!

This is not my photo

I know that nearly everyone loves this time of year and one of the first thing that people think about when it comes to Christmas is the presents. We all get stressed when buying presents, not knowing what to buy or waiting til the last minute to do so. Christmas isn't all about the presents. Yes I love receiving them, but I love watching the faces of people I love open up the presents that I got them even more.

This year instead of focusing on the presents, focus on the atmosphere and love in the room when
 with your family and how thankful you are to be right there in that moment. Appreciate the finer 
things in life and this Christmas will be even better than the last! 


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