Personalised Christmas Gift Guide

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We all like getting new goodies whether that is buying them yourself or getting them as a present. When it comes to receiving presents I always love them, but I love them even more if they are personalised or sentimental. Not because they might be a bit more expensive, but because they show that the person knows who you are, what you like and they actually thought about it and put a lot of effort into it. Even though I love receiving personalised presents I absolutely love buying them and giving them to other people.

If you are looking to buy beauty or makeup items for both men and women, in some Boots stores and online they have an emporium. The main reasoning behind the emporium is to have the ability to engrave a saying, name or phrase onto any product from the entire store. My favourite thing that I've seen people engrave and customise is perfume bottles, such as Channel no5 or the new Ralph Lauren Red for men and also Real Techniques bold metal brushes to make it all one of a kind and completely personal.

One of my favourite online shops all year round is I love this because they have such a wide variety of things for a range of prices from affordable to more luxury pricing. The main reason that I love this website so much is because it is really good for getting customised and personal gifts for affordable prices that you might not have seen anywhere else. Not only do they do a lot of personalised gifts but they also do a lot of small quirky gifts. If you are looking for gifts to get people but you are struggling with ideas and have no idea what to buy, then head over to this website and I guarantee you will find something.

When it comes to personalised gifts a lot of time people, me included, will think of gifts with out names on or based around things we like etc. However a really good personalised gift idea that will cost you nothing, or under £5 is to make something yourself. I love to do this. I have done letters, 100 reasons why I love you jar, buy a few pamper essentials and put them in a jar or even make your own scrabble print (which I have done for someone this year). Making something shows that a lot of love and thought has gone into it!

Engraved real technique brushes - Boots - £12-£22
Personalised song sound wave - Not on the high street - £30
Family name bauble - Not on the high street - £18
Scrabble print - Etsy - £20 
Initial mug - Anthropologie - £8 

Pamper jar
100 reasons why I love you


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