Busy Day Beauty Items

We all have those days where we either wake up late and have no time to do anything or where someone arranges plans to go out last minute. It's the worst. I have gathered 4 products that will help you to look more put together when in a rush, rather than just going with the messy bedhead and clothes you slept in looking like a mess. Admit it we've all done at least once!! 

If I could recommend one product to use when in a rush, is to do your eyebrows. Whether that be using a pencil or powder and filling them in or something as small as a clear or tinted brow gel. This has such a large effective and will help pull you together and frame your face. Less is more in this case. If you're not wearing any makeup at all, then I would recommend going for a more natural, lighter brow and nothing too intense as it tends to look very intimidating and can have the opposite effective of what you originally wanted it to do.

If you have fair lashes, you will know and understand how much a difference putting on mascara makes. Not only do they add colour to your lashes to make them more noticeable, but they also help to look more defined and awake. When you've just woken up your eyes tend to be relaxed, so by putting something as simple as putting mascara on can help to make it look like you've been up since 6 am being productive!

Adding blush is something that I don't always do because in all honesty if I'm late or having a busy day, blush is the last thing that I tend to think about. This blusher in particular is from MUA and is the mosaic blusher in the shade English rose. This is great to use on busy days, because not only does it add colour and definition to the cheeks, but it also adds highlight and an luminosity that sadly can't be achieved easily naturally.

Does anybody else wake up in the morning with their lips looking dry and dead looking? I understand. You don't always want to be applying lipstick especially as it can often be drying on the lips. The best way to make sure you add moisture to the lips but also add some colour is to use tinted lip balms. By favourite are the Maybelline baby lips, in particular the shade melon mania from the original collection.

What's your number 1 must have beauty item for 
a busy day? Let me know in a comment.


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