Apps To Get The Best Instagram Feed

Trying to get your Instagram feed on point and making sure your photos match, is a big thing for a lot 
of  people. Including me. I'm a visual person and I'm very OCD about things like this. Where as 
for some people, like my boyfriend, they don't care about what it looks like and use it more as fun, 
creative space that can be looked back at in years to come as a photography timeline of their life.

Previously I have done a post on how I edit my instagram pictures, which is the same as this in 
theory, however people often ask how to have a 'professional' looking feed. A lot of companies now, especially if you are active on social media e.g. YouTube or Blogging will look at other people feeds 
in order to determine if they are a good representation of their foundation and company. If you
 have a photo of your roast dinner that you took at 8pm with no lights on, it's not going to give a good 
image of what sort of person you are. Use this as a visual CV and identification of you as a person.

The best apps to help me achieve this that I love using include; PS Express, VSCO and FaceTune. I use all of these for different reasons to help me achieve the Instagram that I want and make sure it looks on point.

FaceTune is the app that I go in with first. Yes this is the app that you pay for and can use to 
basically turn yourself into a Barbie doll. However I use this for the whitening and detailing tool. Most 
of the time I will have took a photo on a white background, so I use the whitening tool to make that
brighter and emphasis the colour. Then using the detailing tool I go around the edges and specific
items in the photo to make them stand out and sharper to pull the whole image together as one.

PS Express is what I use for the classic standard editing. I brighten and contrast the photo, whilst 
adjusting the vibrance and sharpening tool to give the effect to the look that I wish for. This is
also super easy to use and is great if you want an overall filter such as sepia or black and white 
rather than fully editing a photo to your individual preferences.

I don't like to use VSCO any more. However after I have finished editing and updating my 
photos I will save it and upload it to VSCO, because it has the same layout as Instagram which is
the best way to know if you like the way your photo looks on your feed without having to keep
uploading and deleting photos. This also helps to know if you like how the photo has been edited
and constructed comparing to previous photos.

What is your favourite app to get the best
Instagram? Let me know in a comment below?