Blogging: Where To Start?

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Blogging? Where to start? Truth be told, there is no true stepping stones or schedule to follow in order
to start blogging. If you have been reading my blog for long time you will know that I always empathize
 to be your own person and not to copy others. This is one of those times where you shouldn't copy how other people are and you should stay true to yourself. When I decided I was going to do this post I
didn't want to do it as a tips post where it seems like, this is the way to do it. I wanted to do this in a
form where it feels like I'm almost a big sister, where I give advice and help you find the first stepping
stone for you to find the rest on your own and be an individual and independent person.

My biggest piece of advice that I offer to you, is that you don't need to have money or expensive
equipment to start blogging. Some of the best blogs I've read are from everyday normal people who
take photos on their phones. Don't assume that just because you have a professional camera, setup, lights and the whole package that people are going to read your blog. Blogging and putting yourself on the
internet in general is a very scary and intimidating thing to do. You can't go into an industry like this setting
it out to be a job, because that just wont happen as this world is so unreliable. In society and outside life
and even social media you will get people who love what you do and admire you for you, but you also
 have to be prepared for those people who don't necessarily like what you're doing and they sit behind computers criticizing what you are doing.

I have had quite a few people message me asking where to start when it comes to blogging and every
time I tell them just to find a platform such as Blogger or Wordpress and write about whatever they want.
If you have a true passion and interest in this then it will come naturally, and not feel forced. If it feels
like you are forcing yourself into writing posts and taking photos to please other people, then maybe it's
not for you. Don't do something to make others happy, do it because you want to and you love it.

Materialistic wise the only thing I would say you need to start blogging is a phone/camera to take photos
and a laptop/computer that you can access in order to write content and spread the word out to others.
The computer doesn't even have to be yours, you can go to the library and use one there or even use a
friends if they have one. Another thing is to not put pressure on yourself. I like to upload posts 3 times
a week, but for some other people that might be unrealistic or not enough at all. Do what you wish to do.

Be comfortable and stay true to yourself.


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