Tips to Help Grow Your Blog

Whoever said that growing your blog is easy, is lying. No matter how much effort and hard work you put in it can never guarantee success. Blogging is a hobby and is very hard to turn into a career, although it has been done. By doing this post I'm not saying that this is going to help you grow your blog immediately or that it has helped me. I am doing this more as a form of suggestion!

Blogging is mainly about the content that you provide but if you have awful photos that aren't very good quality it can give the impression that you aren't interested in what you are doing. Don't get me wrong my photos could be a lot better (which they are going to be next year), however they have definitely improved since I first began my blog over 2 years ago. The main key is good lighting.

By aesthetic what I mean the overall look and beauty of your blog. The small details such as colours, picutres and headers. A header is super easy to create, I used picmonkey, and when you add small images it can give the reader a knowledge of what your blog is about. The small details are what have the biggest affect. Keep your blog true to you and don't worry about yours not looking like others.

I've done this one last because it's not the most important, but it can help improve your blog as it gives a more professional look and a better visual affect. You can use bloggers provided templates and layouts and even find free ones elsewhere online. My template and layout in particular is from Pipdig which provide templates for both blogger and wordpress. They have a wide variety of templates for a range of prices. Mine in particular is the firefly layout which is £39.

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  1. I'm still struggling with my blog photos so I opted for stock photos for posts that don't need me to use my own pictures. x