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 The most important thing about blogging is the work space and environment that you surround yourself with. There is nothing worst that trying to work and focus in a busy cluttered space, as you're mind shifts and gets distracted easier. Making your space perfect for you and work is especially hard to do when your desk also doubles as a makeup station, like mine as you don't want to make it all work or all makeup related. 
My work space isn't very Pinterest perfect to say the least. I have the Ikea Alex 9 drawer unit for my makeup and the Alex 5 drawer unit next to it with a plain white table top and an add on unit on top for extra storage. The key for me is make the most out of your space. In the smaller set of drawers I keep stationery in the top drawer, followed my essentials, skincare, extra products and hair products.

This desk top is a lot deeper than my previous desk so I bought an add on unit to make it more functional as well as being able to store things in the drawers and on top. I also keep my laptop in the middle empty space when I'm not using it. I like to make my space mine by accessorizing with decor items. I have a pink and gold dish and a small marble vase from H&M which I like to keep little extras and make brushes in. I also like to have my planner out to keep my head on track and make sure I stay organised.

These are not my photos

If you are wanting to find other ways to accessorize and make your environment feel more personal and much more yours. Try buying, making or printing of different types of art and prints that motivate you. I really love the prints from as they have thousands of options to choose from as well as being super affordable and high quality. I really like the beauty inspired prints and quotes to motivate and inspire me.


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