Lets talk about sex baby. Well I'm not going to talk about sex technically. I don't really know what I aimed for this blog post to be other than a bit of advice. To talk about the expectations and stigma behind sex, and what can happen. Not scaring anybody, but I feel like a lot of people, especially films, try to sugar coat it and make it seem like this amazing thing that is going to be the most perfect thing every single time.

Don't listen to other people. Whether that's your friends or people from films. Everyone's experience is different, not one experience will be the same. You friend might say that they found it painful and it wasn't what they expected, when you might think it was the perfect experience of what you had dreamed off.

There is this assumption that if you are a man and sleep with either a small amount of a lot of people then you are this legend and you are praised by all your friends. But it is a different story if you are a women. What I say to that is don't listen to any of them. In situations like this, you know what is best for you and what you want and you don't have to listen to anyone, unless it is a hazard or dangerous to you as a person. 

PRESSURE. I can't express this enough. Don't ever feel pressured into having sex with anybody, even if you are in a relationship with someone. You have to make sure that you are 100% comfortable within yourself no matter what anyone else says. Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean you have to have sex, just like if you are single it doesn't mean you have to not have sex. Do what you want and when you want to.

In society, especially on social media, people think that men are the ones that constantly want sex and they will pressure you into it. That's not the case. Women and girls want sex just as much and maybe even more than what men do, and a lot of women can be just as intimidating as men and put pressure on others.

The person who I think tells it as it is and asks like a big sister is Gracie Francesca. She not only talks about life and sex but she does also talk about beauty and fashion. If you want help or advice from a friendly, big sister figure then check out her blog and youtube channel and 

Overall this post is a load of jibber jabber and doesn't really make any sense. However the point of this is to make sure you're comfortable, you don't feel pressured and that every experience is different. You do what you want and not listen to others, you are the boss of you and nobody can tell you what to do!!


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