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These films are what I like to call intellectual films. They make you think and they develop a soft spot on your heart. I'm more of a comedy or romantic film type of person, but recently I have developed this love and passion for films that are almost like documentaries, based upon true stories that leave this beautiful overwhelmning affect on your life that has truly changed how you think.

This film is about the scientist and genius; Stephen Hawking. It's about his story of how he was studying at University and developed Motor Neurone Disease and was given 2 years to live. This was over 50 years ago. He married the love of his life and had children and lived his life to his potential. It's a beautiful love story like no other. Sit down grab a pint of ice cream and a box of tissues. 

This film is quite similar is ways to The Theory of Everything as it is again a love story between a girl and a man who is a quadriplegic. She has 6 months to change his mind about a massive life choice. She devotes her time and effort into making his life the best possible life it could be. 

I like to describe this as a film like no other. It's a story about a women who is trapped inside of a mans body, and him and his wife try to get him the help he needs. He goes to many doctors who try to admit him into an insane asylum and also try to drill into his head. This is the story about the first ever transgender reconstruction operation. Based upon a true story.

As I am writing this I only saw this film yesterday and I really didn't have high expectations for it. This is about a man called James who is a heroin addict in remission. When one day a ginger cat appears in his flat and wont leave his side. This cat stuck by his side and gave him the ability to be clean, sober and also to be able to tell his story to the world. Be prepared to become a cat person.

What is your favourite film?
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