October Favourites

OMG I cannot believe that is the beginning of November tomorrow and that October is over. I feel like I wrote a favourites post just last week. Time is just flying by. Nevertheless we are getting closer and closer to the festive Christmas season which excites me more than words can express. I can't believe I am typing these words and the month is over but here is my October favourites!! 

Finding a face mask that not only works for your skin type but is also affordable is something I struggle with. So much so that this is 1 of the first affordable masks I have come to love. After seeing everyone talk about the Loreal pure clay masks I decided to pick them up. My favourite out of the 3 is the purity mask and it really clarifies the skin and draws out imperfections. If you would like to see a full review on them click here.
A few weeks back my mom gave me a mascara as she thought it was a different one that she planned on getting me for Christmas. Because I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup, when I do it is usually just my eyebrows and mascara. I decided to give this a go and the reason I like this is because it gives length and volume, without having to apply a million coats. The only thing I don't like is that it can get quite clumpy if you apply it too thickly all at once or you apply too many layers, which doesn't result in a cute look!

As my hair is quite fine, even though I have a lot of it, it tends to get quite dry easily. As a result of this I have to find deep nourishing conditioners, oils and masks to help combat this. I don't always have a mask on hand as it's something I always forget to pick up. This month I have been loving the Loreal Paris elvive triple resist mask. I use this a minimum of once a week to help my hair but not let my hair get used to it, so that if I stop it has the opposite affect. This has a reinforcing serum which really helps to nourish and condition each hair.

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I cannot express how much I love this show. Me and my boyfriend found this on Netflix, because we were bored one day. Immediately after watching the first episode I was hooked. This is about a girl who gets scratched at a boat party and becomes a zombie and when she eats brains she gets vision of the persons brains who she eats, which then helps her to solve murders as a detective. Unfortunately there are only 2 seasons out yet, but they are both on Netflix so I would highly recommend watching this soon.

For some unknown reason my skin has been breaking out lately. So on top of a regular skincare routine I have been doing anything I can do help with my spots. Something I have used for such a long time is the Clean and Clear fast action spot cream. This isn't the best for everyday use, but on the odd occasion that there is a really large spot or you can feel one brewing, this works perfectly to help reduce the look of that.

Around this time last year I did a blog post on some Apothercary products I bought from Marks and Spencers. To see the review click here. Even though this has been sat in my drawer that I go into everyday, I never reached for it, until recently. I love this because it's small and compact, not oily and can be used on loads of different places on the body. This is great on the lips, wrists, elbows or anywhere that has dry skin and needs moisturising. When applied it has a therapeutic smell as it is lightly rose scented. 


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