My Weekend Routine

Recently I uploaded a post about my Monday-Friday routine and what my weekly schedule is. This went down really well, so I thought I would share my weekend routine. Obviously all of my weekends aren't always the same, but some does stay the same. This weekend in particular was quite casual and laid back (which is the usual weekend, not going to lie!!) as most weekends I spend de-stressing and relaxing from the previous week but also recharging for the following week ahead, as well as catching up on sleep!

I would like to say that I have a lie in on the weekends but most of the time I wake up around 8.30-9ish. That might seem like a lie in to some of you, but unfortunately not for me. The first thing that I do when I wake up is spending about an hour on my phone, scrolling through Instagram and catching up on social media. At the same time I usually have a drink with me and breakfast which most of the time is chocolate pop tarts. No shame!! Most of the morning is spent pottering around wondering what to do. If I'm going out then I will get ready, if not then I just chuck on some leggings and a jumper, and start watching Netflix. If I have any work to do for college then this is usually the time that I do it, so it is finished and out of the way.

Around midday my boyfriend will wake up (he works nights) then he will come round or I will go to his to spend the day together. As it is coming up to Christmas we're trying to save money, so we don't usually go out. Our idea of a date night is lying in bed, watching a film and eating take out. This usually takes me up to about 10pm, when I then go home and collapse on my bed wishing I would fall asleep a lot faster.

Sundays are my favourite days. They go really slow and everything and everyone just seems to be really
 lazy and laid back, which just describes me perfectly. Again I will see my boyfriend if he's not busy or
seeing his friends. Obviously I spent the day cuddled up in bed watching Netflix, but I do sometimes try
work as much as I can on my blog. Whether that be writing posts, taking photos or organising and
planning posts. I try to make sure that they are all done or 95% done for that week so I don't have to
 stress, on top of my college work!

Some of you might be wondering why I don't see my friends on the weekend. A) I don't have a lot of friends, B) They often have plans with other people and C) My best friend lives about 45 minutes away so it can be quite hard to find time and something to do on a whim. We often have to plan a weeks ahead!!

As you can tell my weekends are pretty boring, but I thought it would be fun
to show that I'm lazy and just the same as all of you guys! What's your favourite
thing to do on the weekends? Leave it in a comment down below.


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