5 Ultimate Blog Goals

Most of you will know how hard it is to turn a hobby into a job. I'm not saying it's not possible because it is. What I am saying is that it's super hard to achieve, because of the vast amount of people starting blogging everyday. Even though this is the case we all set small goals that we want to achieve and ultimate goals that are much larger that we want to accomplish in the future. What better way than to share mine with you!

Followers aren't the most important thing in the world or even in the blogging industry. However the reason that reaching 1000 followers on my blog is an ultimate goal is because it is comforting and satisfying to know that you're hard work is paying off, enough so that people follow your blog so that they don't miss an upload.

100,000 page views
This is almost like hitting a subscriber goal on youtube. I'm a very small blogger and the majority of people who do read my blog are family, friends and friends of friends. I love this but, I would love to expand my audience and for more people to start reading and falling in love with the content that I upload and post.

Getting invited to a blogging event
Getting invited to any blogging event would be a dream come true. To know that a company has read my blog and wants me to see their new upcoming products or even to meet me, is a massive accomplishment. 

Working with a company I love
In the 2 years, nearly 3 years, that I've been doing my blog I've been contacted my companies that I've never heard of or companies that never responded to my replies. So if a company such as feelunique, Tanya Burr or Urban Decay messaged me asking me to work with them I would be floating upon cloud nine.

Turning it from a hobby to a job
Obviously everyone would love to have their hobby and passion turn into their job. Whether that be blogging, youtube, makeup artistry or even football. You get a self sense of achievement that you've worked hard enough in your life to turn the thing you love most into something that you can earn a living from.


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