How I Stay Inspired

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Finding ways to stay inspired and gain inspiration can be so difficult to do. Sometimes your creative juices are flowing and all you can think of is ways to stay inspired and fresh, but then there's other times when everything in the world seems dull and you just want to crawl up in a whole with disappointment. I've seen a lot of people incorporate how they stay inspired into blog posts or even videos. I thought what a better way to talk about staying inspired than taking inspiration from other fellow bloggers and youtubers.

For me the biggest way that I stay inspired is through social media. Now everything is done through the internet and social media, so in order to stay inspired I take inspiration from other people and there success and lives. Inspiration comes from the things and people that surround you whether you know them or not.

Some of us like to plan ahead, whether that be 2 weeks in the future or 5 years in the future. Some people don't like thinking too far into the future and are more living in the moment people. No matter which type of person we are, everyone has goals and things they want to achieve for the future. This can help you to get and stay inspired to reach your goals and aspirations in life, and feel overall more motivated.

When a lot of people talk about how they manage to stay inspired they often mention they gain motivation from their everyday life and activities and also from going out and about. Staying inspired doesn't necessarily have to be work related. It can be fashion or exercise related, and seeing other people doing what you aspire to do can inspire and motivate you to do that yourself. Try going out for a walk and pay attention and notice what other people are doing around you and what their behaviour is like.


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