Beauty Myths Everyone Belives

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We all tend to believe myths in general, whether they are big the Lock Ness Monster or small. There a lot of so called "facts" about beauty regiments, routines or products. I took it upon myself to research these and find out the truth and share my top 4 with all of you guys.

There a lot of theories that using certain products or create your own concoction of ingredients, and after leaving it on your face for 15 minute your pores will be magically shrunken. When in actual fact, all you need to do is find products that work with your skin and make sure you take your makeup of thoroughly at night otherwise more bacteria is going to clog up your pores, leaving them looking stretched and bigger than before. Clarifying face masks can help unclog your pores.

Have you ever got a new mascara and you want to get the best application. All this does is pump air into the tube which creates bacteria and makes the mascara dry up faster. What a lot of people don't know that is when this is applied to your lashes it tends to clump up and get lead to eye infections. 

We are all guilty of using face wipes, especially after a long night out and when we're drop dead tired. Truth is face wipes only get of the top layer of makeup, and not even all of it. Also they are really bad for your skin, as they don't contain the right ingredients and aren't beneficial at all.

There is this constant consumption that wearing makeup everyday is bad for you skin. And yes it's not good for your skin because we need to let our skin breath and take a break. Wearing makeup every single day isn't going to make it any worse, as long as you don't sleep in it and when it comes to removing it at the end of the night, make sure it is done correctly and thoroughly.


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