MAC vs Essence - Velvet Teddy

Even though Velvet Teddy lipstick from MAC isn't as talked about as it was this time last year, it is still such a beautiful colour and a staple in anyone's makeup collection. Some people can't afford or don't want to pay £15.50 on a lipstick. I took it upon my mission to find a dupe that is a fraction of the price. So much so you're basically getting it for free. I did pick this up a while back and forgot to post about it (how? I don't know), but as it's still available I thought, ayy why not? Everyone needs to know about this great bargain!

The lipstick in question is from a brand called Essence which I don't believe is sold in Boots or 
Superdrug (I could be wrong, don't hold me to that), but it is sold in Wilkinsons. The shade is called
 Barely There. This is practically an exact dupe for MAC's Velvet Teddy, although it has a slight 
undertone of berry to it and is a lot creamier, which if you ask me it's better! There is another shade 
from Essence called Come Naturally that is a more cool toned and ashy shade of Velvet Teddy. 
When you mix Barely There and then Come Naturally on top, you literally can't tell the difference. 

Want to know the best part? Velvet Teddy is £15.50 but these Essence lipsticks 
are only £2.30. Now that's what I call a bargain!!

If you try this out or have any other 
dupes, let me know in a comment below.


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