Loreal Pure Clay First Impression

When I heard that Loreal was releasing its first set of face masks that will be targeted towards different properties, I knew had to pick them up. To my luck when I went into Boots and saw that they were on offer I knew that I had to pick them up. These all have great texture, and a beautiful fragrance that doesn't effecting the skin. As these are new to the market and everyone loves pampering themselves I thought this would be a good time to do my first ever first impressions post. 2 firsts in one go!! :) 

Detox Mask
This particular face mask is black as it is enriched with charcoal as it draws out any impurities on the skin. This specific mask is aimed at detoxifying and clarifying the skin. It is a smooth creamy consistency that isn't too thick or too thin. You leave this on the skin for around 10-15 minutes or until it is completely dry. This is super easy to remove, because of how creamy the formula is and doesn't irritate your skin. When I first tried this I lost track of time and left it on way too long, which meant that it did leave my skin looking read and had pulled all of my blemishes to surface of my skin. Since then I have re-tried it and kept it on for the correct amount of time, where it worked perfectly and left my skin feeling beautiful and silky smooth.

Purity Mask
This face mask is marked towards purifying and mattifying the skin, which is done through being enriched with extracts of eucalyptus. This is supposed to work deep into the skin and the pores, leaving the skin feeling purified and matte without drying it out. Again this is a great smooth creamy consistency that helps to refresh and revitalize the look and affect of the skin. This particular mask has a very refreshing smell, rather than a more perfumed fragrance. I applied 2 thin layers rather than 1 thick later and as soon as started putting this on my skin I could feel the cooling and refreshing affect that it has on the skin. I rinsed this off after about 15-20 minutes and it left my skin feeling really smooth and refreshed and not at all dry.

Glow Mask
This specific face mask is enriched with extracts of red algae which helps target and focus on brightening the skin. This also contains apricot seeds that have been finely milled to gently exfoliate dull and uneven skin to give it a more natural glow. Once again, like the others, this is a creamy smooth consistency that it targeted towards helping brightening, exfoliating and illuminating the skin without being too harsh. As I did with the previous 2 masks, I applied 2 thin layers of this all over my skin and left to dry on the skin for around 15 minutes. When I came to wash this off, it was a bit strange as it has the exfoliating beads which I'm not used to in a face mask. However if left my skin looking really brightened and refreshed and feeling silky smooth.


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