Christmas Wish List

There are going to be 2 types of people reading this. The people who want Christmas to hurry up, have planned the whole season and have the majority of their presents sorted and bought. In other words me!! Then there's the people who think it's way to early to be thinking about Christmas and what to buy for everyone. Reality check, it's 2 months away. But in Christmas shopping talk that's only 1 month left of shopping to do before the shops become packed and contained with empty shelves! 

I've done a couple of wish list posts before but not a lot. So I thought what better time to do a wish list post than Christmas. Everything is done via social media now, so instead of writing my Christmas list for Father Christmas and him coming to collect in, he can read it online instead!! These are just a few things that I are and have been on my wish list for a very long time so I thought I'd share. Before I mention a few things that I would like to either be given as presents to me for Christmas or gifts that I'm going to buy myself, I just want to say that I'm not in any way wanting to come across that I even except people to buy me gifts or like I want expensive gifts. I don't. Christmas is about surrounding yourself with family and given love not gifts.



What would you like for Christmas?


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