This Time Next Year


Recently I did a post called this time last year where I reflected upon what position I was my life was in and how much is has changed in just a year.  Lately I'm really enjoying reading and writing posts that reflect upon the past and how much you can change in a year or about where they want to be in the future so, I thought that it would be a cool idea to do a post entitled this time next year where I acknowledge goals and accomplishments that I want to have achieved my the end of 2017, almost like new years resolutions.

In a years time it will be coming up to the end of 2017 and getting ready to head into 2018. How mad is 
that. It's insane. Where's the time going? I'll probably be getting myself stressed over what to get people 
for Christmas, like I usually do, but being super excited for the upcoming season and festivities.

I will hopefully be doing my level 3 child care course or an level 3 child care apprenticeship, and putting all my effort into that. Education wise I hope to be making a final decision about whether or not I want to go to University and if so I would have decided on the course that I want to focus on. Also hopefully thinking about eventually getting a full time job where I'm working in a children or early years based environment.  

This time next year I wish to have gone to Amsterdam and maybe another holiday abroad as a reward and break for myself. Keeping in touch with friends and rekindling with friends I don't see that often is something that will be a main focus next year. In my personal life I would of been with my boyfriend for over a year, so I hope that we continue to communicate and make each other as happy as we do now and only get better with time. I would also like to be more organised within my day-to-day schedule and routines. 

In regards to my blog I will have celebrated my 3rd birthday online and written over 400 posts. I wish for my content to grow better and better and that I don't keep producing the same content and posts for you guys.
This time next year I would have also liked to meet some more blogging people and make more friends that are in the same community as me and that we all share the same interests and hobbies for blogging.

Overall I would like this time next year to be more positive and better than ever.

Tell me in a comment how you would like this time
next year to be like for you :) 


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