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This post in particular is inspired my Lauren from It'sLittleLauren. She often gets criticized for posting Instagram photos where she's dressed up and going out, because people assume that as she has M.E she has to sit in bed all day. NO. Because of this I thought I would tell my version of what is really going on when I post a photo on Instagram and what is truly happening behind what people describe as the perfect life.

Non-bloggers tend to assume that us bloggers live this picture perfect life and we get everything handed to us for free and we don't work for anything. That isn't the case. In face I've worked on my blog for over 2 years and have only ever had 1 thing sent to me. I don't blog because I want free things, I do it because I love it. 

The reason people think we live a picture perfect fairy tale life is because they make assumptions
 from out social media, in particular are Instagram feeds. We post pictures very often, which I do 
understand that makes us look like our lives are perfect but in reality it's not.

Honestly I have 3 types of 'behind the photo'.
1 - Pinterest pictures
2 - Blog pictures 
3 - Pre-captured pictures

When I say Pinterest pictures, I mean I've found a photo I like online and I think it fits my theme (yes that is still a thing) or it describes the mood or place I wish I was in at that moment. For instance, the photo of a bubble bath with chocolate covered strawberries. I wish that was me and that is what I was really doing, but in reality I was probably just sat downstairs with my parents watching a crap TV show.

Blog pictures are when I post a photo that I used in a post and want to let you guys know that I've just uploaded a new blog post and I want you to go check it out. That's all it is. I'm most likely sat at my desk listening to Christmas music when I post it, like now for instance (I have no shame!)

I bet a lot of bloggers do what I call pre-captured pictures. Instead of writing posts or recording videos in advance, I like to take photos ahead of time and store them for the future. Now I'm not saying that every photo is taken weeks before I post it, but a lot of the time I take photos and forget to post them and then next thing you know it's been nearly a month with no Instagram update. 

The key thing to remember is that people will only post what they want you to see. Everyone wants to give the illusion that they're living a fantastic life with no worries at all. Bloggers are the exact same.


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