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Being organised is my all time favourite thing. I love being organised, organising and buying organisers. Just realised that I don't sound  like a typical 17 year old. A lot of people in my personal life always ask me to help them organise and how I stay so organised, so I thought what better way than doing a hacks and tips post to share with you. I could get very carried away with this so I've narrowed it down to just 5.

I can't stress this one enough, especially if you have a lot going on such as; college, work and your
personal life. Trying to find a planner that was suited for me was the biggest struggle, but I found one from which is completely customisable. A planner is great to plan your appointments, know what you're doing on what days and to know when you are free. I cannot imagine my life without a planner!!

I believe this rule is from a book called the happiness project by Gretchen Rubin. The concept of this is if you're in a rush, e.g. chucking your clothes on the floor. Think about it and if it takes less than a minute, then do it. You have enough time in you're day to put things away and tidy up, especially if it takes less than a minute. If you want to see a good review on this book and the 1 minute rule then click here. 

One of my biggest tips for getting and staying organised is to de-clutter your life. Look around your room and if you are holding onto something for no reason, you have multiple of the same thing or you just don't use it then, get rid of it or donate it to a better home. Don't get me wrong I love to hold onto things and hoard them, but have things in excess and cluttered is what makes you look and feel unorganised. Try leading a simple and minimalist life but still being effective and personal to you.

This tip mainly applies if you have drawers. If you have a large makeup collection this will be great for you. I have the Ikea Alex 9 drawer unit and a lot of makeup, which I organise by using storage from Muji. This might not look or sound like a big deal, but it can help you know where everything is and give everything a much cleaner and easier looking affect. I also use this to organise stationery and even underwear.

If you have an awkward shaped room or even a simple square shaped room, it is key to make the most out of it. This will help you stay organised and it will give you places to hold and store items that maybe had no place to live before. E.g. I got a perfectly sized chest of drawers to fit behind my door, which now holds my jumpers and jeans which also helps organise and free up some extra space in my wardrobe.


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