Monday - Friday Routine

My weeks are genuinely pretty scheduled and planned. I know what I'm doing on what days and when I 
have time to fit things in. For a while I've thought about doing a weekend routine but, most of my weekend is spent catching up with my boyfriend, watching Youtube videos and sleeping, which wouldn't make the most interesting post. Instead I thought it would be a different idea to share my Monday - Friday routine and what I do on each day and how I like to stay organised and maybe some of you might get some tips and tricks! 

Mondays are my only day off in the week when I'm not at my work placement or at college. I often
see my nan on Mondays, and try to fit any housework in that I can and any that needs doing. I also try my best to take blog photos and write blog posts, so I don't have to rush around and do them in the week.

Tuesdays are my first day at college for the week. At the moment I'm loving college! I like doing coursework
and seeing my friends. This will probably change soon but for now I'm loving it. When I come home I usually just relax and catch up on new TV shows that have come out, such as The Big Bang theory season 10!!!

Wednesdays are the first day of my work placement. For my college course I volunteer at a school and work with young children. I love doing this as it gives me a chance to experience everything first hand and personally rather than learning from a book. Even though it can get quite tiring. I also will spend a lot of time on social media once I'm home, as I love seeing what is going on in the world as well as uploading my second blog post of the week. Wednesdays are also now Scream Queens day!

Thursdays are pretty repetitive of the previous day, as I'm doing my last day of my work placement for the week and I'm interacting with the children all day. I usually just get home unpack everything, watch videos and pass out on my bed because at this point in the week all I want to do is sleep for as long as possible.

We've reached the end of the week and, Fridays are a college day. This means I'm relatively happy as I'm around my friends, and I'm happy because this means that I get a subway at lunch! Sometimes once I've finished college I will see my boyfriend but not all the time as he works nights, so I usually go home watch Netflix or Youtube and decide to give myself a good pampering from the week that's just gone.


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