Autumn Winter Reading List

Autumn Winter time is one of the best times to read. But then again I said that about Summer when you're sitting around the pool. Nothing is better than sitting in bed with the curtains drawn, fairy lights on, oversized jumper, hot chocolate and a good book. Obviously I'm not saying that you can't read certain books in the colder periods but for me I like to read, what I describe as, cosy books. Books that make you want to stay in bed all day and never put it down, rather than books about sunbathing by the pool all day. Jealous much! So nevertheless I'm going to be sharing 3 books that are on my reading list for this time of the year. 

Let it snow - John Green
I think I actually bought this book at the beginning of 2015 and planned on reading it last Christmas. That
didn't happen quite as I planned, but I am determined to read it this year. This book actually has 3 stories in it by 3 different authors. The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson. A cheertastic Christmas miracle by John Green. A patron saint of pigs by Lauren Myracle. All I know about this book is that they are holiday romances, which I'm really excited to read and fall in love with (hopefully).

*warning possible spoiler if you haven't read or seen me before you*

After you - Jojo Moyes 
Christmas time for me screams love and romance, hence why I love the holiday!! This book is actually a sequel to the book; Me before you, which I have read and also seen the film. I fell in love with story line and was curious how a sequel could be made of the book. From the blurb of the book, I believe that Lou has learnt a lot from Will and this is about her life afterwards (trying my best not to give away anything).

Isla and the happily ever after - Stephanie Perkins
I'm not 100% sure if this is part of a trio, but the first two books do link together slightly. Isla and the happily ever after is the final book in this possible trio. I loved the first two books; Anna and the french kiss and Lola and the boy next door, and how even thought they were romantic love stories they were completely different but still linked together with a few characters. I am interested in the story line of this book and can't wait to read it. Isla is described as a hopeless romantic, which is also a way how I'd describe myself so I think this will be in a favourites post coming soon...especially since I loved the first two so much! 


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