How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary. Even if we don't like to admit it to ourselves we know it is really hard to do even when it is in our best interest. Whether stepping out of your comfort zone to you means, wearing different clothes, doing your makeup differently, eating something that you never thought you would try or trying a new sport. As I've always said; it's the small things that have the largest effect on us. I absolutely love doing lifestyle and more personal posts lately, so I thought I would do another on how to change things and better yourself as a person (if you wish too)!

In the UK you have to wear a uniform to high school, so you don't have a lot of ways that you get
to express yourselves. Which is both a good and bad thing. And if any of you were like me then when you did get to wear your own clothes (non uniform days or weekends etc) then you keep it super simple. Like I literally wore leggings and a white top for about a year! *insert face palm here*. So my tip here is to really express yourselves through fashion, on the weekends, when you go out or when you go to college. This can be buying those jeans that you thought people would make fun of you for wearing, or wearing a hat for once. When you do it and you realise that people wont judge you, it will have a larger impact on you than you think. A great way to step out of your comfort zone. 

Makeup is one of the main things that helps me get out of my comfort zone. I love experimenting with different looks. Whether that's eye shadow, lipstick or something simple like swapping my blush about for the day. A lot of people I know use makeup as a form of expression and a way to get out of their bubble that they might be stuck in. Probably a lot of you might be thinking; Lea shut up, this isn't going to make any difference. But honestly try it. Try the daring eye shadow or the red lipstick.

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for"

When I think of someone getting out of their comfort zone I think about confidence and passion. 
That doesn't have to come from being serious 24/7. A lot of people do this from making a fool of themselves. This can be laughing at yourself in a stupid or embarrassing situation or even doing a silly little dance. Mainly not taking life too seriously. I don't do this often but I do it makes me so much more at ease with myself and sets a tone for the day. Try it and let me know what you did!

Personally I hate trying new food. I like sticking to what I know and love, which some of you might be like too. But if you think about it, you would of had to try that food that you now love at some point and that would have once been a new food. When I have a meal I keep it to what I like, but if someone around me (that I know, of course. Don't go asking strangers!) has something I haven't tried then I will ask if I can try a little bit. I mainly do this so I know I haven't wasted food and that I have still tried something which could be really nice and I could have in the future.

Share your number 1 tip, of how you step out of your comfort
zone in a comment below :)


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