Autumn Essentials 2016

I cannot believe that it is September and the second day of Autumn. Some of you might know that Autumn is my favourite season and I love cold weather so that I can put on loads of layers and get all snugly under a blanket with a hot chocolate. Since I first started my blog I have done essentials post every season. I thought it was only right to do an Autumn essentials for this year, including non-beauty and beauty products.

In the Autumn time my favourite thing to do is to wear thick baggy jumpers. My favourite is from
New Look because it's the perfect amount of coziness without getting too hot too quickly. They are also super easy to chuck on with any outfit. I love this jumper that much that I have them in 3 colours!  

Hats have been something that I've always wanted to get into but didn't never got around to it. I 
recently went to Primark, and noticed they had a tan colour fedora hay with flower cut outs around the edge. The best was only £1. I knew I had to pick it up immediately. I love this because the
shape and colour gives a Autumnal feel to any outfit, as well as not having to do your hair in the morning.

Lately I have been loving a good Chai Tea Latte, as it's still a tea and has a sweet flavour without being too heavy like an hot chocolate. I first tried it in London and knew that I had to find some so I could make it myself at home. If you like tea and want to try something new then I would recommend you trying this, unless you don't like spices and/or cinnamon as this is the main flavour.

Last week I went to Birmingham and of course I had to go into Lush. I was looking for a shower gel
that I could use in the morning and it not be as sweet as the comforter or snow fairy. The lovely lady who helped me showed me; 'it's raining men' and despite it's main scent being honey, it is the perfect amount of refreshing but not sour smelling. I do also like to use this at night when I want a more relaxing evening.

Lipsticks and lip products in general are something I have a love hate relationship with, even though I have a lot of them. Tanya Burr released a soft luxe collection, which I did a post on, and released some matte lipcreams. I am in love with the shade Martha Moo. It is the perfect Summer shade but also the perfect Autumn Winter shade, which means that it is a great transition piece. It is a light raspberry berry shade.

Another shade that is very similar to the Tanya Burr Martha Moo lip cream is a lipstick from Maybelline.It is in the shade Velvet beige and is lovely if you want some colour on your lips but not a lot, as this lipstick is quite sheer but it can be built up if you wanted to.

Primark fedora hat (similar link)
Asda chai tea latte (similar link)


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