50 Ways to Cope With Stress

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Nobody likes being stressed. Even thinking about stress, stresses me out. Everyone has their own ways with coping with it, whether that's to have a good cry and eat chocolates (like me!), to ignore it or to power through it and be productive. When I was recently scrolling through Twitter I came across a photo from a College Professor in America, on ways how to cope and deal with stress. I really like the idea of this so I decided to do my own version. These include some of my own and some from the list I saw.

1. Prepare for the morning, the night before
2. Unclutter your life

3. Watch a film

4. Meditate 
5. Walk away when an argument presents itself
6. Simplify things
7. Split 1 big task into 4 small ones
8. Smile
9. See a friend
10. Compliment 3 people 
11. Take a bubble bath
12. Say no
13. Be thankful for the things you have 
14. Have a hug
15. Dance
16. Read a book
17. Buy yourself flowers and chocolates
18. Have a rant to someone
19. Colour
20. Give yourself a makeover
21. Sing to your favourite song
22. Always have a plan 'B'
23. Organise your desk, wardrobe or room
24. Go on a walk
25. Make a cake
26. Keep a journal/diary
27. Go to sleep earlier 
28. Listen more
29. Wake up early
30. Remember your options
31. Leave time for yourself 
32. Practice something you haven't in ages
33. Go shopping
34. Stretch
35. Always be safe
36. Do it today rather than tomorrow
37. Give advice to someone who needs it
38. Pay respect to the less fortunate
39. Smile at strangers
40. It's ok not to know everything
41. Ask yourself why you're stressed
42. Have priorities
43. Don't live in the past
44. Treat yourself
46. Pet a dog 
47. Do something you never thought you would
48. Plan ahead
49. Make appointments
50. Relax 

Tell me something that you do when you're stressed 
in the comments down below :)


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