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THE 90'S ARE BACK!! I'm writing that in caps because I love the whole 90's era. We've been 
going through a throwback session with clothing, including everything for the 1960's to the 
early 2000's ... and I love it! I'm not the biggest fan of everything that shops are releasing but
 I take simple and slightly themed clothing and make it my own and make it work for me. One 
of my favourite clothing items that I've purchased are a pair of jeans that are inspired but the 90's
 era. These just scream Friends to me and I could definetly see my mom, being someone who wore these!

These are from River Island and I originally saw them months ago when they first came out, and
immediately ordered them. But unfortunately when they arrived they didn't fit. I sent them back and just 
my luck they didn't have the size bigger and said that they were only limited edition.Fast forward to the end of July, they were back in stock. And they had my size, so obviously I had to order them straight away! 

I am a curvy women and I have quite large thighs too. The first time I ordered these they were in 
size 14, which is my usual jean size. They did fit, however they were slightly too small around the
tops of my legs and around where the badges were glued on. So I ordered them in a size 16, and when
they arrived they fit really nice around the tops of my legs but were a little bit baggy around the knees
which I quite liked to look off! As these are high waist jeans, they are slightly too big around my waist.

These don't fit as nicely as I would like them to but they are a different style than what I am used to.
They don't have an elastic waistband and they are a middle toned washed denim. I'm not sure if it is like
this on all of the jeans, but on my pair the badges seem to come of quite easily. To fix that I re-glued
the badges down with fabric glue and then stitched around the outside of the badges to make sure
they didn't start coming off again. I love the style and look of these jeans, but I don't think they were 
made the best for multiple or everyday use.

Despite that I love experimenting with ways to style these jeans. I like to either wear them with 
a plain white or grey top to make the jeans the statement item, or I like to wear a 90's top, with 
a check shirt. These jeans look best when styled with a pair of converse in my opinion.

My favourite way that I have styled these is with a slightly cropped fitted striped top from new look,
that reminded me of something that Monica would of worn when in Friends, paired with a dark 
check shirt to add some a grunge and edgy look to the outfit. I also paired this with low black converse.

For a more simple look I just chuck on a loose light wash grey t-shirt, with some converse (again)
to make it more casual. This look would also look great paired with a faux leather jacket. Another 
casual look is to wear a baggy jumper with these jeans as it screams 90's to me, especially Friends
when they are playing football at thanksgiving. 

If you have these jeans, comment down below how you style them.


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