First Year of College: My Experience

My experience posts are my favourite to both read and write. I have only done one which was about my
anxiety, which you all seemed to love, and I have had this one planned since I wrote then. If any of you read
blog posts from last year or knew me in person then you will know that even the thought of college made me want to throw up. The thought of more change in my life, new people, a different environment and everything
about it scared me. The reason I am doing this post is so I can tell you my experience with college, to help
any of you if you were in the same position as me last year and that's it's not as bad as it all seems.

When I was in high school and it was coming to the time where I had to start thinking of college, the
thought of going to the main college in my area scared me so much. I was super lucky that a small independent college had just opened, where there was 10 people in a class. I actually applied for Health and Social care first as I wasn't 100% certain on what I wanted to do and this course was for a variety of ages. Due to the grades I got in my GCSE's I was able to do my level 2, however things got a bit complicated and I had to do my level 1. Around the time this happened I decided to swap my course to Child Care which I realised I was more interested in and thankfully the college allowed me to swap courses. I started Child Care in December and started my level 1 in the January. 

I am one of these people that work really hard to achieve the best that I can, I am also someone who would
much rather prefer to do writing and theory work rather than experiments and practical work. Because of this I managed to get my coursework completed in 6 months. I also managed this with the help of my teachers.

When I went into college I hadn't had any friends for 3 years and the thought of making friends scared
me more than I'd like to admit. In my Health and Social course, I made friends but as it had the most amount
of students in it, I was often getting distracted from making friends and it never interested me. When I 
moved to Child Care, a lot of the students were no longer there. This meant that there were only around 5 of us in my class. This gave me a chance not only to focus more on my work but also be able to bond better with other people. As a result of this I have made 2 best friends that I will never forget.

Starting September I will be going back to college to start my level 2 in Child Care, whilst carrying on at
my previous work placement and starting a new one in October also. I can't wait to go back and have something to do in my day and to spend time with my friends. If you asked me this time last year I thought, I would of had to drop out of college and that my anxiety would have got the best of me. I never imagined 
myself in the position that I am currently in and I never thought I would be excited to go back to college.

Be the best you that you can be. Work your hardest and don't 
take education for granted.


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