NYX Contour Palette: Worth The Hype?

Contouring is all the rage lately and more and more brands are coming out with products and palettes to 
help you achieve that. There are powders, creams, palettes all with different undertones to fit your skin tone
perfectly. For quite a while now I've heard people rave about the NYX contour palette. So when I was in London I decided to purchase it for myself and see whether or not I thought it was worth the hype!

When I decided to purchase this i was super excited as it has 4 highlighting shades and 4 contouring shades,
which are all matte shades expect 1 satin highlight shade. One of the things I like most about this palette is
that they are removable so if you finish a shade, you don't have to repurchase the whole palette you can
purchase them individually. The palette is split into 2 rows, the first being highlight/brightening shades which can be used for baking the under eye area and the bottom row being the contour/bronze shades.

I find these to be quite powdery and chalk like, and when applied on the hand they blend beautifully
 but when used on the face they can be quite difficult to blend evenly. 

I find this palette to be very mixed matched as the top row seems to be more suited for fairer skin tones,
and would most likely be far too light and harsh on more medium to dark skin tones. Whilst the bottom row are very warmed toned and are very harsh on my extremely fair skin tone, but would look great on people with a darker complexion. The lightest shade that is in the shade sculpt, which has more of an ashy undertone, can still be too dark and harsh on my complexion. When I have used these I find they get quite patchy on my skin and can tend to look quite muddy, even when I have used them with a light hand. 

Personally I don't think the NYX contour palette is worth the hype and I think it's quite overrated. If you
have a medium to darker complexion I think this is more suited to you rather than people with a fairer
complexion as it can tend to be too harsh and muddy on the skin.

Let me know if you have this palette and what you think of it,
down below in a comment!!


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