Making the Most Out of Life

Making the most out of life is something that you here from a lot of older people such as; parents or
grandparents as they have more experience in life and they want you to make the most out of your youth 
and your life. The reason I've come to the conclusion that everyone should make the most out of life, despite the fact that I'm not an adult, is because it's only recently that I've realised it's the small things that make 
the most difference and have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life. 

To me making the most out of life is finding things that make you happy. Whether that be the small simple
things or the one big significant event. In day to day life, I like to do at one thing that makes me happy. Whether that is putting my makeup on, getting dressed up, organising my room, seeing my boyfriend or even simply watching a TV show that I love. It's not the event that you are participating in that helps make the most out of life, because most of the time the event is pretty insignificant its about how that makes you feel.

When you are 50 and you look back on your life, you wont remember watching a TV show you'll remember a time period in your life and how you felt. When I look back at my high school experience I remember the unhappy time in my life, but when I think of my first year of college I think about getting over my
 difficulties and finding friends and happiness again. A quote that I love is; "We regret the things we 
didn't do rather  than the things we do did". I don't live by this, but I do like to think about this often.

The big events in your life help you experience the most out of life. The big event in my life is having education.I know a lot of you wont think that's a big thing, but after reading about how many women and girls don't have the right to education and I'm thankful to live in a country and a society where that is available to me for free. Not only that, but I am fascinated my learning and further my knowledge in any aspect of my life. Some people don't have the same opinions as me on education and school, so their big significant life event could be learning a language, skateboarding, writing a blog or finding a new hobby. It's the thing that makes you overall the most happy, when you think about a time in your life.

Comment down below telling me 1 thing that you love to do on a daily basis and 1 
big event that makes you the most happy :)


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