Making the Most Out of Your Space

Whether you have a massive room or a small box room, you always want to make the most out of 
the space you've got. Especially if you live at home with your parents, as that is your only room and the only
way to express yourself decor wise, and keep your entire life possessions. I'm thankful that I have quite a large room, as to a small restricted space. No matter what size the space of your room is, I wanted to share 3 ways in which you can make the most out of your space, including nifty storage and display tips.

If I could only recommend one tip to you all it would be to invest in shelves. I have 3 types of shelves in
 my room. These include; floating, corner and bookshelf. If you have an awkward shape bedroom 
or if you have cut outs which you think are a waste of some shelves. Woahla!! You can use these to display books, awards, decor items, sentimental items  and little nick nacks. This is how I store 
all of my items that I want on show and everyone too see them but don't want them to be broken.

This isn't necessarily making the most out of your space but more of a way to express yourself if you're
struggling to find ways. I used to have photos of family and friends on my wall but I felt that was too personal to have on show, so I moved them to a photo album and decided to buy some prints online of things
 that I love to add some more character to my room. I found a website called Desenio, that sells a massive range of prints and arts that will suit everyone. I think this is one of the main things in my room that express my personality and what I like, but in such a simple, small and affordable way to achieve. 

My room is quite an awkward shape as its really long but not as wide. I also used to have a box like
wall behind my door that made furniture in the room harder to place. We got permission to knock it down
so now my room is more even. However there is a small alcove that I struggled for so long on what to
do with it. It now holds a custom book and decor shelf. I also managed to find a small chest of drawers that
fit perfectly into the space, so I didn't have to lose any space in the main area of my room. If you have an
awkward shaped room, I would suggest finding items that fit into those spaces such as chest of drawers
to make the most out of the space. If the piece of furniture you can always customise it to you, such as;
changing the handles (which I did using crystal knobs) and painting it to suit your room better.


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