Eyebrow Routine

Having 'on point' or 'on fleek' eyebrows is so common and a thing that most people want
and are trying to achieve. I bet if we all look back on old photos of us, one of the first things 
that we common on is our eyebrows. I have done an eyebrow 101 post about a year ago now
but it is super cringey to look back on. I decided I would do a new eyebrow routine on
how I do my eyebrows and how I get them to look the way that they do. In no way am I
trying to say that my eyebrows are perfect, that they are the best and that you should all do them
 this way. But picturing how big brows are no I thought I would do it anyway.

First things first is to establish the shape you want you brows. Mine are quite straight but
go a little bit thinner at the arch to add more shape and definition to my brows. I also
like my eyebrows to be quite bold and thick looking, but it is all down to personal preference,
face shape and how your brows are naturally before hand. The biggest thing I would 
recommend is to go to a professional and you do not want an eyebrow disaster and is also
 to stick to your natural brow shape but clean it up a little bit to make them look more defined.

If you have noticeable eyebrow hairs or if they are quite dark then I would personally skip
this step, but if you are anything like me then you have super fair eyebrow hairs that are nearly
unnoticeable. I like to get mine tinted every 4-6 weeks. I like to do this regardless of if I'm
going to fill them in or add more definition to them because it helps your brows to look more
natural as well as being great if you aren't wearing any or minimal makeup.

For me I like to use prow powders or pencils. I don't like using creams on my brows as
it tends to look too harsh and too fake on me. My favourites lately are the NYX sculpt and 
highlight brow pencil and the Tanya Burr perfect brows palette. I also use a clear
mascara from Collection cosmetics to set them in place once I have the desired look.

Step 1
First I use a clean mascara wand/spoolie to brush out my brows and to give them the
shape that I want and too smooth out any wild hairs before I use any product.

Step 2
I then take the NYX sculpt and highlight brow pencil in the shade taupe to lightly
add individual hairs to any sparse areas. My favourite for this is the Soap and Glory
brow archery as it has a liquid pen which gives a more natural and soft look to the brows.

Step 3
I will then take my Real Techniques brow brush and my Tanya Burr perfect brows
brow palette to give a better shape and definition to the brows. I firstly use the shade 
pebble as it is a great shade for people with blonde hair. I will then take a mixture of both
chestnut and hot cocoa on the tail of my brow as that is naturally darker. There is no
specific method on how I apply the powder as long as it isn't too harsh.

Step 4
Then I go back in with the spoolie to evenly distribute the product and make sure it looks
 as natural as possible. If needed I add more product until I get my desired look.

Step 5
This is a new step in my routine, but I take the cream highlight shade from the NYX
brow pencil and highlight under the arch of my brow to add more shape. I then also go over
the top of that with the fairy cake powder from the Tanya Burr palette to set that in place.

Step 6
My last step is to use my Collection cosmetics clear mascara (which mine isn't very
 clear anymore) to set my whole brows in place and make sure they don't move throughout
the day. If needed I will also take a small amount of the Maybelline brow drama to add definition
 to the hairs at the front of my brow.


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