Summer Essentials 2016

For the last 2 years I have been doing essentials posts and one of the first post I did
on my blog was a summer essentials post. So in true tradition I thought it was only right
to do another one this year. I can be quite guilty of getting too carried away with these 
sorts of posts as I think everything is an essential, but I decided to keep it to 5 today.

Spritz toner 
One of the best feelings in the summer is spraying your face with a toner
or even water. I like using the Lush tea tree toner as not only does it freshen
 up and hydrate your face but also is really good for your skin.

Summer lipstick (please me)
In Summer I feel like you can wear barely any makeup but if you pop on 
some lipstick it can add all the different. I am really enjoying using the MAC
matte lipstick in please me as it is a gorgeous rosy pink shade.

Bronze lotion/oil
If any of you are like me then trying to get a tan is one of the hardest thinks to 
achieve. I like to fake this by using a body lotion or oil that has shimmer or bronze
elements in it. Mine is actually an after sun lotion with shimmer in it!

Whether you are going on holiday, on a day out of just sitting in your back
garden a good book or magazines are essential. Magazines are great as you can
get summer inspiration and books are great as you can truly loose yourself in it.

Comfortable loose shorts
Even if you live in England it has been getting super hot lately and I don't know
about you but there is nothing worse that having shorts that stick to you, so
my favourites are any that are lounge esc but are still cute!


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