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Maintaining relationships can be super difficult whether that be friends, family,
personal relationships or even in the work space. There isn't no particular reason
why I wanted to this post except I wanted to share some tips on how to maintain and
appreciate different kinds of relationships as we tend to take them for granted.

Friendships are what I find the hardest to maintain and keep fresh. But personally 
the key for me mainly is to be thankful that you have people around you who want to
be your friends, and will support you no matter what. The love and energy that
you get from friends is such a great feeling. Also remember that there is such thing as
spending too much time with each other. You don't have to text and call 
each other every day or see each other every day. I see my friends 2-3 times a 
week and we don't talk everyday but it's what works for us.

Family relationships are something that even I struggle with. I don't see over half of 
my family and it has taken me so long to be ok with the small handful of people that
I do see, as I would rather have a small amount of family that truly care for me
rather than a huge family who I don't see and don't care about me. One of the main
factors that we all need to remember is that not everyone has a family.

Now a days a lot of personal relationships get destroyed because of social media, 
especially if you are younger or have a large following. There is this constant theory
that the man should constantly spoil and spends loads of money on the women, but why 
is it like that? Men should get just as much love and attention as the women do. 
There shouldn't be any competitions to be the one who achieves the most. The main
key when trying to keep personal relationships is to ignore everyone around you,
if you two do something that you think is best then you do regardless of others.

When we think of relationships, work is the last thing that we think of. Work relationships
are difficult to maintain because work can be quite an stressful place and we tend to
think a lot about ourselves at work, but we don't realise then we are talking to our colleagues,
whether that be about work or a general conversation, that they are people too and 
they are in the exact same situation that you are in.


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