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If you live with your parents, work from home or don't have any space for 
multiple desks, then have a work friendly desk and environment can be quite
difficult. I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks to make 
a space a work friendly environment.

Get rid of and junk. When I say junk I mean and papers or receipts that
are lying around. Also when doing this, check your pens if they are
working because there is nothing more annoying than when you go to
write something and the pen has no ink in it!

Any small loose items such as paperclips, staples or rubbers put them into
a small trinket box or an area that can be specifically for small items
that don't exactly have a home!

Organise your pens! I think this is one of the most important tips for a 
work friendly desk because I hate it when you are looking for 
a specific type of pen in a specific colour and you can't find it
because it's a mess. I organise mine into 3 sections; sharpies, normal
pens and pencils and then colour pens and highlighters.

This one everyone might not be able to do depending on what desk
you have and what space is available. But if you can try to
get some draws. If you have seen my room tour then you will know
that I have both the 9 drawer and the 5 drawer Alex units
from Ikea. I don't have as much stationery as I would like so I 
only use one draw for this. By having drawers it will keep 
everything looking clean on top but items easily accessible whilst
being organised!

Try you hardest not to have useless items that are more cute than practical.
A couple of items is ok as it adds character but if you let it get out
of hand it will quickly become a fun desk rather than a work desk! 

These steps don't only have to be for people who work from home,
have an office job etc. it can be for students who need to 
do homework and study for exams. Or even for people who
just want to have a organised and clean desk!


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