Learning To Love You

Although we are in 2016 we still judge and criticize people in some of the worst ways possible. 
Not only does this make them feel bad about themselves but it can make a person not love 
who they are. In the media and on social media platforms it is all about how you look and having
to be a certain size, weight, height and everything. We all know that people come in 
different shapes and sizes and yet we don't get to see that being portrayed. 

For example in 95% of magazines the models are slim and are most likely a size 6. 
Now a lot of people say that isn't normal or isn't portraying the right image. The average
person isn't a size 6 they are around a size 12 - 16, but why should that give 
people the right to discriminate against smaller sizes? It's the same with people
who are a bit 'curvier' or are 'plus size'. This isn't only portrayed in magazines it is also
shown all over social media, leading to people having poor self esteem and low
confidence, especially in younger people.

When I was in high school (age 11-16) I was never happy with myself. I always used to
idolize and fixate on the slimmer body type. It has only been in the past year that
I have truly realised to love who I am. With my height and shape, I wouldn't suit
being any smaller than a size 10-12. Obviously there are still parts of my body that I 
would want to change or that I still would prefer to look like this person than me.
But what people forget is that just because you might want to look like someone 
else or someone has the 'ideal' body type and shape, doesn't mean that
they are comfortable within ourselves.

I wanted to do this post to, I guess, just say that although you might want to
look like this or be this person, everyone is different and if we all looked like how the
media wants us to then we would live a pretty boring life. We would almost be
like robots. Thankfully as the years are going on we are starting to see a wider
range of both men and women in different shapes and sizes being portrayed 
all over the world. I also wanted to say that most people think women are the only
people who are self conscious but they are just as many, maybe even more, men
out there who are just like women and aren't comfortable or confident within
 their own skin.

These photos are not my own

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