Downsides To Blogging

Blogging is one of my favourite things to do. I love being able to write and share
my love and passion for makeup and beauty with you all. However it's not always 
what it looks like. It can get quite stressful and you can feel really pressured,
by other bloggers but also from yourself to reach certain expectations. I have been
thinking of doing this blog post but I never knew if I would be able to get across
the message that I wanted in the right way without seeming harsh. But I decided
I would finally do it, to let you all know that it's not always what it looks like.

As a blogger you tend to set expectations and milestones for yourself that aren't
always that realistic. For example, I post 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays 
and Fridays but lately I have been missing a few upload days as I have been
busy with college coursework and personal events. Because I have missed a few 
days I start to doubt myself and get angry that I haven't stuck to my schedule.

Having good quality photos is what I struggle with the most. I'm not saying that
you have to have a really expensive camera but for some reason my photos are never
as I would like them to be. I have studio lights and a Canon 1200d camera yet 
most of the time I result to using my iPhone which is good quality but doesn't take
the photos as high quality as I would like them. The major downside to photography 
for my blog is the layout of products and the backgrounds. I usually just take them on my 
desk as it is white and a standard background but I often find that to look dull resulting
in me being never fully satisfied with my photos and comparing them to other bloggers.

A downside to blogging is that although you should never go in to it looking for it to be
a full time job and making loads of money from it, you don't fully realise how long it takes
for you blog to get noticed. I have been blogging for almost 2 years and I haven't reached
the milestones regarding my views that I thought I would have this time. 

The ultimate and major downside to blogging for me is that I constantly compare
myself to other bloggers. Even if they don't post as often as I do, I always manage to 
find something wrong with my blog compared to theirs. Whether that be content, photos,
style of writing, blog template and layout or their blog itself. 

This isn't necessarily a downside to blogging but it is something that other people and
viewers don't full understand. A lot of people think that when you set up a blog
it will be really easy to have time to write and upload posts. That isn't the case. The 
majority of the time I pre plan what posts are going up on what days, pre write them
and then when I get the time on that specific day I upload it. For me I don't go out
and spend most of my time in my room, so I thought I would have time to be constantly 
updating my blog. It's not until you set a blog up that you realise how little time you have
compared to what you thought you did.

Nevertheless after some of the downsides of blogging it is defiantly the most
 rewarding things I have done. Whether that be that 1 comment in the entire
month of my post reaching a certain amount of views, or evening favouriting the 
tweet where I linked the post. It makes it all completely worth while and all of the
effort you put into making it your most prized possession.


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