Current Top 5 Beauty Products

Lately I haven't been buying makeup as I am saving my money for when I 
go to London next month. Because of this I have been trying out more products
in my makeup collection that I haven't used in a long time or didn't think I got on
with. As a result of this I have fell in love with some products that I thought
I would make into a deserved blog post.

Revlon Colourstay Concealer
I featured this in my battle of the concealers post and I said that I didn't
really like it and I didn't reach for it that often. Since then my thoughts on this
have completely changed. Many of you will probably know that I loved the
Rimmel wake me up concealer and although it was in the lightest shade
it always looked to orange on me even when I use it with my Collection
lasting perfection concealer. So I decided to start using my Revlon colourstay
concealer with it instead and I love how both concealers compliment and
work well together whilst being the right colour and good coverage.

Sleek Contour Kit
I had heard so many things about this product so when I finally picked it
up I couldn't wait to use it. But for some reason I never gravitated to using it.
Lately I have been using this because it is a good colour for my skin as I am very
pale, and it blends out really nicely whilst being super build able.

Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette
When I heard that Tanya was coming out with palettes I woke up super early
and order them on the launch date before they went out of stock. When
they arrived I did a review on them, which you can read here, but as I get
stuck in a rut with makeup products I forgot about the brow palette.
I decided to use this again a few weeks ago and I forgot how much I love it.
As a blonde it is very hard to find the perfect brow shade but this has it,
as well as 2 dark brown shades that I mix to make the tail of my brow darker
and add more definition. Plus it comes with a beautiful highlight shade.

MUA Single Eye Shadow - Shade 1 Pearl
When I first started getting into makeup I used to get my eye shadows
from MUA as they are only £1 and they have some really nice shades. I picked
up shade 1 pearl which is a lovely highlight shade for the inner corner and the
brow bone but like the rest of the products it got lost in my makeup collection. I have
started highlighting my inner corner and brow bone again and I love using this
because you need the smallest amount and you get such a beautiful glow to the
eye that makes your eyes sparkle and look more awake than you are.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Melon Mania
If you have seen my makeup collection then you will know that I own every
single Maybelline baby lips that I have seen or been able to get hold of
in the UK.  When I was shopping I noticed that they had a melon mania flavour
and I knew that I hadn't got this. Because I have a lot of baby lips I sort of
forgot about it. I have been reaching for this a lot lately mainly because it gives
the perfect colour to your lips for spring and summer without being too
intense and it is super moisturising!


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