How To Make A Room 'Yours'

For me, making my room my own has been a process. I have a wide variety
of styles that don't necessarily all go together. For me I find it is the 
small and simple details that really make a room yours. Inspiration is 
key when coming to interior design because they give you ideas that you
might not have thought of before. Pinterest is my favourite for this.

The first and foundation stage to making a room yours, I think, is the furniture.
Now, I'm not saying you have to go out and buy super expensive wardrobes
and desks but once you've got your furniture down everything will start to slowly
 come together. I have very basic pieces from like Ikea and Argos. Also
with furniture it is key to make sure that they are all in the same colour range 
such as white or oak etc. This will help tie the room together and look
less mix-matched. One thing I hate about furniture is the handles on things.
I am yet to do this but if you look on Ebay or Amazon you can buy a variety
of different handles and door knobs that will make that furniture more you!

Having things on the wall is my main tip. I have a collage wall that used to 
display family pictures but I thought that was a bit too personal to have on full
display so instead I switched them out for some art prints. All of these are from
a really beautiful and affordable website called Desenio, expect for one. However
this wall is not finished yet and I still need to find and buy some new prints to finish this
wall off. I find some people think that having prints instead of photos can be quite 
distracting from what you want and your style. If you choose the right 
prints that you like and fit your personality then they will tie in the whole room.

I also like to have shelves on the wall that I can display items that I love
or have a lovely memory from on but in a way that isn't too overwhelming or
in your face. I like to do this by using books or small trinkets. Corner 
shelves and bookshelves are also a good way to display this.

I think the key way to make a room truly your own and your own style is
to take inspiration and ideas from other people but do what you
want not someone else. Although I've said what I like and what I 
think helps make a room yours, you might hate all of them. You might 
want to go for black walls with nothing on the walls and quite
simple or you might want it to be hot pink and princess themed. The key
is to make sure you want it your way even if your do like other peoples
rooms and decorating techniques!


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