Battle of the Lipsticks

As another installment of my battle of series, I thought it was only right to 
do a battle of the lipsticks. I have a lot of lipsticks by a lot of different brands
but I only chose a few brands otherwise we would all be here forever!

I love MAC lipsticks and never actually thought that I would own one. I know own 5 and can honestly say that they are one of my favourite lipstick brands. The colours I have are; hue, creme cup, twig, mocha and velvet teddy. I like MAC lipsticks a lot because not only do they have an incredible large selections of colours but also they have different finishes to suit everyone. If you are looking for a high end lipstick that isn't a super expensive price then I would 100% MAC.

Natural Collection
I think that Natural Collection was the first brand I bought lipsticks from. And I still love them to this day. They have a great selection of colours and have a moisture shine and sheer natural finish. I prefer the moisture shine formula as they are more pigmented and have a wider selection of colours. I also like these because they are only £1.99 and are often on offer for 3 for £5. I actually love these that much that I own 22!!

When brands have offers on for 3 for 2 and I don't know what third product to get I often decided to choose a lipstick out and I always opt for some sort of nude. I picked up a colour sensational lipstick in the shade 630 velvet beige which is a dark nude with a mauve undertone. I love the formula of these lipsticks so much!! They are super creamy and moisturising that it feels like you have lipbalm on. If you get dry lips or don't like the feeling of lipstick then I would definetly suggest Maybelline.

Max Factor
The only thing I have tried from Max Factor is their mascaras. But when I saw Gabby from Velvetgh0st do a drugstore haul where she bought a lipstick from Max Factor I knew I had to have it. If I'm being honest I didn't care if I like the lipstick itself as I only bought it because of the name...Rosewood (Pretty Little Liars reference), but when I saw the shade in person I knew that I'd like it. Plus the formula is just the right consistency without being too drying or too moistursing.

I never see anybody talk about Essence cosmetics so I knew that this was one of the brands that I had to mention. I originally tried their lip liners and as they quickly became my favourites I knew I should probably try their lipsticks. I have 2 shades that are basically the same that are different formulas. Personally I don't notice a different in the formulas or colours but me being a girl found something different when I originally bought them. I definetly prefer their lip liners but if you are looking for good quality affordable lipsticks then you should try out Essence.


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