Mason Jar Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last week my brother took me shopping as a late birthday treat and one of
the things he got me was another cookie mix from the Mason Jar Cookie Company
which I did a post on last week. The one that I picked up this time was the
triple chocolate chip cookie mix. If you have read my last post on this company
then you will know that unfortunetly they don't give a measurement on the
ingredients inside of the jar, but if you do want to make something similar to
this and you can also try this recipe or purchase these from their website or new look.

As I have already tried this brand out before I knew that they would be incredible.
But words can't even describe how good these tasted! As the triple chocolate was
in chip form rather than the actually cookie being chocolate isn't wasn't too
over powering and it had the perfect amount of chocolate goodness for you!

Most of you will already know how much I love these but the only thing I have
to complain about is that although you can get them on Amazon there are
limited mixtures to get as well as if you buy them from New Look. The only
thing that I don't like is that they are quite hard to get your hands on in
the UK and I have only found limited mixtures available.


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