April Favourites

I cannot believe that April is already over! I thought last year went fast but
this year seems to be flying by. If you didn't read my February favourites then 
I am only doing favourites posts every other month as I tend to use the same 
products and doing it this way also gives me a chance to try out and find new
things for the months. This month is quite mixed and has skincare,
makeup and lifestyle favourites in.

I have mentioned this a few times on my blog now and I cannot believe
that I am only just trying this. Well not just! I finally purchased
the Loreal lumi magique primer last month I think and I don't know
how I lived without it. I don't know necessarily if it makes my 
makeup last longer because I do also use a setting spray but my 
makeup definitely doesn't move throughout the day. But the reason that
this is my favourite is because it adds a beautiful illuminated glow
to the skin without making you look like a disco ball. As this is a primer
and is worn underneath your foundation it gives the foundation a dewy
 and natural glow. This would work for any skin type but especially dry skin.

My next and last makeup favourite is the Maybelline Valentines day
baby lips lip balm. I have no idea how I didn't see this in stores in February,
but when I went shopping a few weeks ago I saw this on the Maybelline 
stand and if you have seen my makeup collection posts then you
will know that I collect these, so obviously I had to pick it up. Unfortunately 
the heart that was engraved on the top has worn down because
of the amount of times I've used this. This almost reminds me of children's
play makeup as it is a hot pink with sparkles through it which I was
weary about but it makes you lips look so nice and plump but not intense.

The NSPA facial oil is my favourite product from this month. I have been
wanting a facial oil for such a long time but a lot of them are super
expensive so when I was in ASDA and saw that the NSPA skincare 
range had one for an affordable price I knew I had to try it. I use this in
the evening as I think it would be quite heavy for the morning and
this is my favourite thing to use and what I look forward to putting on my 
skin the most. This has helped reduce the look of dry skin on my face and add
natural oils back into my skin. I also like this because it is super easy to 
use and looks great on the skin. I am interested to see if this would work
in my foundation like other facial oils do, but I am yet to try that.

Another product that has helped my dry skin is the Aveeno daily moisturiser.
When I decided to try a somewhat new skincare routine I knew that I had to get
a decent moisturiser for the night. I picked up one from Aveeno as I have
heard great things about the brand and thought I'd give them a go, and I have 
not looked back. I use this night as I prefer to use a much lighter cream
in the mornings, however this isn't too thick. This is super easy to work into your
skin and leaves your skin feeling super moisturised and healthy. This claims
to help improve dry skin within 2 weeks and I 100% agree with that.

After seeing constant tweets and memes online I knew that I had to start
watching Full House. And oh my gosh, I am in love. It is a late 80's early 90's
family sitcom that is about a regular family. The reason I like this so much is 
because not only is it easy to watch as it has no drama or intense story 
lines, but because it is truly funny, heartwarming and it teaches you and children
so many valuable life lessons in a way that makes you feel like part of 
their family. Plus the family is super cute and adorable!!

My last and final favourite of this month is also something you can watch but it 
is not a TV series...it is a YouTube channel. The past month or so I have been so
obsessed with ClevverStyle. They have a few channels but this is their beauty and fashion
channel. My favourite series that they do is called Beauty Break where they try out
random beauty products and make it absolutely hilarious!! I also really enjoy
their Dirty Laundry series where the review/comment on the fashion from award
shows and the latest red carpets.


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