Battle of the Blushers

Believe it or not but I was never one who used to see the point in having loads of blushers, as they all 
looked the same to me. My view has quickly changed. Now I have quite a few, but not a whole draw full.
 Most of them are in palettes but that is another post. As another part of my 'battle of' series I decided 
I would do blushers because although they might all look the same they definetly aren't.

Sleek Blush by 3
Sleek blushers are probably one of my favourite brands for blushers. Don't get my wrong the 
rest of their products are amazing but their blushers are incredible. I have 3 of the blush
by 3's in; pink lemonade, sugar and pumpkin. Pink Lemonade was the first one that I picked up
and after that I was hooked. However I think my favourite has got to be sugar. This is because 
it has 2 dark colours but also a medium toned shade, which means that this can be worn 
through all the seasons as too the others which I feel like are my spring/summer toned.

MUA Mosaic Blush
This is my all time favourite blush, that much so that I believe this is my second one and I 
already have a backup waiting for when I finish this one. I love this because it has a mix of
different colours and tones throughout it so when it is on the cheeks it gives this beautiful 
iridescent natural look to the skin. I also love this because it is easily build able 
and can be transitioned from day to night as of the gorgeous glow it has.

Natural Collection Blushers
I believe that these were some of, if not the first blushers that I bought. I went through
a massive stage where I loved Natural Collection so I thought why not try some of their 
blushers. I have 3 in the shades; dusky pink, peach melba and pink cloud. When
I first got these I really enjoyed them and my favourite was pink cloud as it was the 
perfect shade that I was looking for. Now that I have tried a few more blushers from
different brands I have realised these aren't my favourite. They are still really good and 
soft for blushers without being chalky or chunky when on the skin, however they
aren't as pigmented as some of the other blushers I've tried. If you are a beginner or 
someone who doesn't want a lot of blusher then I would recommend them to you, 
otherwise I don't think these are the blushers for you due to the pigment.

Laval Blushers
I have had these 2 blushers for as long as I can remember and although I don't
reach for them a lot of the time they are still really pretty blushers. I have the shades;
cinnamon and frosted pink. They have quite good pigmentation whilst being really 
blendable and soft. These are super affordable and can be found on places online and
some boutiques or smaller local makeup stories. If you are a beginner and are
looking for some affordable blushers I would definitely recommend these to you.

Kelly Brook Blusher
I purchased this a few years back now from New Look in the Christmas sale for 
something around £2. This is in the shade bardot, which a really pretty shimmery orange
shade which is probably the reason I picked it up. Honestly I don't remember ever
using this except maybe once or twice. I think that is because it is super shimmery
and although I do like a shimmer in my blushers I don't like an awful lot. When this 
is on the cheeks it is a really nice orange/peach shade but it is not my favourite.

Collection Blusher
I went through a stage where I was desperately trying to find an orange blush. When
I came across this one from Collection in the shade breathless for a really affordable 
price I knew I had to try it. When I first got this I was obsessed with it as it was the
perfect shade that I was looking for. However I haven't actually reached for this is a
 long time, not because I don't love it but because I have mainly been using others. But 
this is a really lovely blush and I would love to try some more from Collection.

Miss Sporty Insta Glow Blusher
This was the most recent blusher I purchased as I had seen and heard many beauty 
bloggers and youtubers talking about the new products from Miss Sporty. I decided to 
pick up the shade flushed pink which is a really hot pink colour that is easily build able and
looks great with a variety of looks. This is what I have been gravitating towards lately as
it is a super wearable colour despite it's brightness and is the cheapest available to
purchase. I would recommend this to both beginners and makeup enthusiasts.


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