Mason Jar Salted Caramel Cookies

As a late birthday present from my step-sister she got me a mason jar that had
ingredients in to make salted caramel cookies (and some pug socks).
Unfortunately as they have the weighed ingredients in the jar, I don't have any 
measurements, however if you do want to make salted caramel cookies
then there is a link here to the website where you can get this exact jar (they can
also be found in New Look and on Amazon) and if not then you can use this website
 here to make your own from scratch.

When I decided to finally make these I was quite worried about whether or
not I would like them as I have never tried anything that is salted caramel before.
However I absolutely love these. Not only are they super quick and easy to make
but they also are super gooey and taste incredible. The caramel isn't too heavy
and the cookie isn't too salted. The instructions are easy to follow and are clear to
read, along with being visual pleasing to look at and display!

If you are wanting to get a present for somebody or  if you consider yourself
 a lazy or bad baker and are wanting something easy to bake then I would 100%
 recommend these. Even if you are a professional I would recommend these to
 you as they are fantastic! I am definetly going to have to purchase
more of these soon from their large variety of options and if you want to
try them out too then here is the website;


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