What To Do When Feeling Stressed

Everyone gets stressed, whether we like to admit it or not. People tend to think that
only adults can be stressed and it always has to be over something major or 
big such as work. That's not true though. I get stressed quite a lot and most of
the time it is either over something small or nothing at all. As a result of this I have
found some solutions that help me feel stress free and more relaxed that I wanted
to share as it's not an easy thing to find something that is calming and not stressful.

Having a hot drink or even a glass of your favourite alcohol (if you're above age).
I personally like to go for a nice old classic cup of tea or sometimes hot chocolate.

I find watching something that I really enjoy can make me forget about everything
I was ever stressed about. YouTube and Netflix is my favourite and I am 
currently watching Full House and I am loving it !

If you find staring at a screen and watching TV stressful or it's just not your
thing, then reading a book is a great idea. I love to do this but I always
forget so I do need to prioritize this a bit more. Reading a book is great as
you get lost in the story and forget about your entire surroundings.

This one I am 50/50. Pampering yourself. The reason I'm 50/50 is because
although it is a lovely relaxing time it can be quite overwhelming when you
think about all of the ways you want to pamper yourself such as;
face masks, painting nails, bubble bath, body lotion, shave etc. 

Eating comfort food has got to be the all time best stress free activity there is.
Whether it is chocolate, popcorn or pizza I'm certain you will feel relaxed!

Mediating or evening reading about meditating (if you're not very active i.e. me!!)
is a great to do as it relaxes your mind and makes you feel at ease. If you
are interested in reading something like this then there is a book called Calm
which is all about relaxation and feel less stressed. This also comes with an app.

If you are a person who loves organising, like me, then find an area in your 
room or house that you are not 100% happy with and start organising it.
 This will might make you feel stressed if you do a large or multiple areas 
so stick to one that is quite small. If you don't like organising
then I wouldn't recommend this for you!

Writing a list of what you like about your life and what you are happy 
and grateful for is a way to appreciate what you have in life and that you
can get through the situation and come out on the other side.

Getting comfy into pajamas and having a big hug with a family member or a 
friend or even messaging them can distract you and will make you
feel much more relaxed and a lot calmer. Even going shopping with someone
is a good way to distract you from life. Just do it in modesty!!


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