Battle of the Drugstore Face Palettes

Face palettes in the drugstore aren't the easiest thing to come across. There
are a few face palettes but not an awful lot. I thought I would pin some
drugstore face palettes against each other to see which I would 
recommend. All of these except two palettes can be found at the 
drugstore and the other two can be found online for drugstore prices.

ELF 4 blush palette
I used to be obsessed with ELF, well I still am but I don't order a lot
from them any more, and when I saw that they started coming out with
palettes I was all about trying some out. I got mine in dark which I love.
This has 4 super pigmented beautiful coloured blushers that are great
for the Autumn and Winter time. This is the most expensive out of all
of the face palettes but I would definetly recommend this if you are looking
to try out some new blushers. You can purchase this here for £7.50.

Collection face of the day palette
Technically this is both a face and eye palette because it does contain
both eye and cheek products. This has 3 cheek shades and 4 eye shadows.
I personally don't reach for this mainly because the eye shadows are either
really light or quite dark, and the bronzer is very orange. I would only use
the highlighter and blusher out of this but, I still reach for the blush and glow
palette by Collection over this. However they are nice quality products
that have great pigmentation to them. This can be purchased here for £6.99.

Collection conceal and light like a pro palette
Some of you might know that concealer is something that I love to try but 
struggle finding ones that are the right colour and look right on my skin. When
Collection came out with a concealer palette I didn't really have much 
hope for it, but thought I would try it and give it a go anyway. This has 4
concealers, 3 correcting shades and a highlighter. These have really nice
coverage and apply good on the skin however I don't think that the 4 
concealers that they do have, have a very good colour range. I am super 
fair and none of these shades in here would match me, there are also no shades
people who have a darker complexion. If you have a medium - dark 
complexion then I would suggest to try this because it would look great on
your skin, however if you are fair or someone with a darker complexion,
I wouldn't recommend this for you. This can be purchased here for £5.99.

Collection blush and glow palette
Collection cosmetics recently a whole range of palettes which are
mainly face palettes. Being curious I decided to pick them all up. This
one in particular is my favourite and the one that I reach to the most. This 
has 2 blushers, 1 contour shade and a highlighter. I don't really like the
contour shade because it is quite orange toned, however the highlight and
the 2 blushers are really nice shades that have great pigment. You
can purchase this here for £4.99.

Ebay unbranded concealer palette
When I first started growing my makeup collection I bought a lot of 
makeup palettes from Ebay. One that I purchased was a concealer 
palette that has 15 concealers ranging from light to dark, including 2
correcting shades and a pearl highlighter. I used to love this palette 
because I could mix together colours easily, I could use it for
contouring and I could correct all at the same time. If you are starting
out in the makeup world then I would suggest getting this because
it is amazing for the price. You can get it here for £2.90.


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