Plan With Me: How I Stay Organised

Being organised to me is second nature. I love everything being clean and love knowing what I have
 to do on what days. I got another personal planner for Christmas along with some stickers I can use
 for planning. I love to watch plan with me videos on Youtube so I took inspiration from how I organise
 myself. Because of the massive love I have for planning I decided I would do a post on how
 I do so, so that it might help some of you.

Having heart checklists is my favourite thing about my planner. It allows me to know what 
I have to do in the day and it also brings a lot of satisfaction when I have completed the activity
 and get to tick the box off knowing that I have 1 less thing that I have to complete in the day.

The other thing that makes me want to open my planner every morning is knowing that
I have super cute stickers inside. I got these from a seller from Etsy called CRGARTDESIGN.
I didn't want to just get random stickers that I would never use just because they 
are super cute, I wanted to get ones that would actually go to good use. My favourites
are the TV ones as I watch so many shows this allows me to keep track of them all. 

I also love the nail polish stickers because I get my nails done so often this makes
 me 10X more excited about going to get them done.

Another way I stay organised is separating my personal life from my blogging life.
I use my personal planner for my personal everyday life and the Sprinkle Of Glitter 
diary to keep track of my blogging life. I keep all my ideas and posts I'm uploading on 
certain days in there so that I don't feel too overwhelmed with it all in one planner.

Another way I stay organised is to make sure that I don't have things lying around for the
sake of it and things I don't use. This ranges from makeup to decor to things that
I hold on to for the simplest of memories. There are a lot of things I love to keep and if
I could I would be a major hoarder. To stop myself from becoming this I keep any sentimental
things in a memory box. I actually have 2. One from my school and another one for
other things such as letters and memorable items from my childhood.

The key to staying organised isn't necessarily following what other people say or do,
it's finding things that work for you. Whether it is having a planner or 
making sure you don't have excess clutter. Getting tips from other people can
help but making sure it works for you is most important.


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