The Power of Makeup

There are quite a few 'power of makeup' videos on youtube and I thought that I would
do a blog post on what the power of makeup means to me and how that effects
not just me but other people too. If you are interested in the makeup side of my face
then it is my everyday makeup routine which you can read here.

Makeup for me used to be something that I did and used to make my self look
better but also because everyone else was wearing makeup so I wanted
to fit in. After I started wearing makeup I started getting acne, probably not
just because of the makeup but it most likely didn't help. Acne that resulted in 
scarring on my cheeks which I do still have to this day but it has cleared
up a lot since. They used to be very dark and purple so wearing makeup was
something I did to cover that up to avoid getting bullied or picked on. 

As some of you know I struggle with anxiety and also depression and this got
really bad about 3-4 years ago. As a result of this I stopped going out and
went to school a lot less than I'd like to admit so I didn't have a need
to wear makeup. Even if I did go out I wouldn't wear it because I was in
such a bad place that changing my clothes was a miracle never mind
putting makeup on. I guess you could say it was a little bit of a
blessing. I'm not saying this in a negative way but in a way that it has
helped me now, so that I still don't care what people think about my skin.

I'm not saying that people with anxiety or depression are suddenly going
to feel more confident with not wearing makeup around others but it
did help me a little bit. I think the fact that I also got older and started to 
understand and realise that if people don't like you for who you
are then they're not worth it. If someone says you look
better with makeup or wants you to wear it all the time then they
are not worth it as they clearly aren't looking out for you.

I think the message I'm trying to get across is that you should 
only wear makeup for you. Some people say don't wear it to hide your
insecurities only wear it because you want to, but I disagree. If you 
want to wear it to hide your insecurities then you can as long
as you're not covering them for someone else or to impress others.

Makeup is an art and a way to express your self. 
Wear it for you and only you!


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