What's In My Spring Bag

I think one of my favourite posts to read or videos to watch are what's in my bag.
Mainly because I'm super nosey and for some reason it's fascinating to 
look inside a women's handbag. Surely it can't be just me? I have never 
really had seasonal themed handbags but when I saw these I knew that these
would look great in both the spring and summer season. 
I would usually just show you one bag because usually I just stick with one
bag, but I tend to switch between these two. The small white bag with flowers
on the front is from New Look and I really like this because when you need
to take a handful of things like your purse, phone and keys this holds them
really nicely and isn't too big or too small. 

The beige and pink bag is from Matalan. I never gravitate towards Matalan as
they don't have a lot of clothes that I wear or the style I like. My mom
went shopping a few weeks ago and I decided to look at the bags and there
were so many different options and bags that will look beautiful in the
spring and summer, and I will definetly be going back for more bags.

I also went into River Island and I decided to pick up a pink pom-pom
key-ring that is attached to a mirror, so not only does it look cute but it also
is a functional item as well as being trendy!  

I don't like keeping a lot of things in my bag as I'm a very organised person 
and a lot of clutter and mess tends to make my anxiety worse. So I  like to 
keep my bag organised and tidy with as little things I need as possible.

The first thing in my bag is a makeup bag, that surprisingly contains no 
makeup whats so ever. This bag I got recently from New Look for £8 and
I really love it as it looks like mermaid scales and reflects when you move
it around. I like to think of this as my emergency or 'mom' kit. 
I have tissues, wipes, a mirror, tablets, hand sanitizer and hand cream.
I like keeping these in a bag because if anything leaks it will be
in one place rather than all in the bottom of my bag.

Obviously I keep the necessities such as my purse and keys.
I do also keep my planner with me but not all the time as it can get
quite heavy. But when I do decide to it's because I like everything to
be organised and to know what I'm doing on each day.

If I am wearing lipstick that day I will keep that with me just to 
reapply but I don't like to take my entire makeup with me because I 
don't ever really need to touch up. I will also keep a form of
fragrance with me and at the moment I am loving the Zoella 
lets spritz! fragrance as it a really nice floral/sweet scent for spring.


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