(Another) Evening Routine

If you read my last post which was another morning routine then you will
know that I have already done a handful or these posts before. Everything
 people do in the evenings also seem to be quite unrealistic compared 
to what actually happens. They tend to be the same as their morning 
routines; healthy, early nights etc. which is not really what happens.
My evening routine is a lot more basic than my morning routine as it 
mainly revolves around me watching Netflix, but nevertheless here it is.

The first thing I do is change into some pajamas or comfortable clothes and 
to take my makeup off if I have any on. If you want to see how I take my 
makeup then you can check out my night time skincare routine here.

After that I will go on my laptop and watch some Netflix and catch up
on some social media. When it gets to the evening I try to avoid doing any
 college work or writing any blog posts as I use this time to relax.

Then I will go in the bath/shower and either just have a wash or treat
myself to a pamper night, which you can also read here.

I then decide what I want for dinner which is usually pizza! Then I 
go back upstairs watch some TV and then head to bed where
I then carry on scrolling through social media until it is 
a lot later than I realise it is before I actually go to sleep.


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